Monday, January 23, 2012

Full Dark No Stars

Stephen King is back to who he was before he started writing just to make money. Okay not a totally fair assessment but for awhile he lost me and it felt like he was writing a bunch of  junk that was a neat idea for the back of the book and then had maybe a 50 page story that his editor convinced him to turn into a 500 page book.

This is the macabre and dark writing that just mystifies me. It is the reality that you know can and does exist in very normal people. It is the reality turned on its side ever so gently and then wham you start looking at people a bit differently.

He explains where it came from and how it got to where it ended.

A quick read similar to his short stories from the early writings and he even writes that they remind him of his very early writings such as The Long Walk.

It was a happy read.

Death Comes to Pemberly

Thank you P.D. James!
Finally an author who captured the simplicity of Austen with the devilishness of the author's own style. It wasn't just a continuation of Austen but it was the story we wanted to know yet the story that was in P.D.James not in our heads necessarily.
I loved the twist even if there was a bit that was WAY too obvious.
I love that Darcy is still an idiot at times and that Lydia is still a flit.
I think though Elizabeth wasn't as solid as she could have been but then again maybe it is a side of her we never saw fully as a single woman?

It was a wonderful read by one of my favorite authors.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

E-Books, My Kindle, and the Library!

So our local library has the literature out to program your library card and kindle to check out e-books. I'm very excited about this as the books have internal "bombs" built in so that they just disappear when the due date comes and you have no fines! YES!  They have online resources as well that can be found here in their Overdrive system.

I also found out that if you are an Amazon Prime member (cost around $70 a year) you can borrow books for the Amazon Kindle for free at a rate of about 1 to 2 a month. You must return the book to the Amazon lending library before borrowing a new one and it is permanently erased from your Kindle but still a good idea. This resource is available for new books as well as older titles. I have "tried" the beginning of two series through this method and now will most likely buy the next book in the series. Yes I will BUY the next book in the series.

So why am I interested and excited about this and what is the concern?
Interest One: Way to get access to more books with more portability
Interest Two: Possibly way to avoid the ouch factor of my ever existing library fines. $30+ this time!!!!
Concern: The libraries keeping up with e-demand and keeping up with the stodgy and freaking publishers. The article by the Washington Post on the issue can be found here.

The publishers need to learn that if you give me something to try at the library for free or to read then the library will buy more and I will eventually buy more. The libraries can eventually charge a minor cost for the access or will actually see the shift in their costs from just hard bound to the e-book licenses. In either case more people reading is a good thing.