Thursday, April 5, 2012

Library Fines and New Books

First it's been a long time since I wrote about our trips to the library. It is not that we haven't been to the library, rather that we have been reading so much and doing other things that I haven't taken the time to write.

Library Fines!
We had several of our favorite books out for too long and then forgot to renew them. Then we realized a few were "new" to the library which gives us even higher fines.
Total payment was...
I must admit we loved the books.

So what are the new books we are reading

1. What Makes Us Fat? Great review of several scientific studies from 1900-2010 looking at how fat is formed in our bodies, why the calorie in/calorie out theory does not work, what is it about where fat forms in our bodies is genetic but at the same time not always a food decision.
Two interesting points: 1. 20 extra calories a day adds up to 10 extra pounds very quickly. 2. As we age and grow our bodies overeat to allow for growth yet we do not gain fat but our gaining fat even when we eat little and exercise significantly has something that means there is another reason for gaining fat.

2. Wiley and Grandpa and BIGFOOT!

3. Lego Starwars Phantom Menace.