Thursday, September 8, 2011

Library Fine Confession

Okay Wylie and I must confess and we admit our sin...

$10.25 in fines! 8 books at 25cents a day! But as the librarian said we must have loved those books and to be honest we did.
We also pointed out that the library now had enough money to buy a new book.

So this is a good thing right?????

Ah well, back to remembering to return our books.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silver Linings

Today is a grey and rainy day. The kind that begs for a good book, a good blanket, a comfy chair and a cup of something yummy. It is a good reading day.
As a child days like these were seen as silver lining days by my mom. Here are a few glimpses of her silver linings...
1. Summer at the beach and a full on chilly rainy day. No house work, no beach time, no outside play time. The perfect day to do what you do on vacation...Relax. Pick up a book and find a good chair to read in. It would be quiet for hours before someone would yawn, stretch and ask "what's for lunch?" At which point we'd either all pile into the car for some exploration of the boardwalk which would be empty of tourists due to the rain OR we'd make grilled cheeses and sit at the table and play games.

2. Rainy winter days during the holidays. Perfect day to pull out old cook books and make cookies or holiday treats and read quietly with the heat on. Relax. There were many a day to rush through traffic and worry about many things but the days that involved us all at home were sometimes just days to read. Some of those days my dad would read out loud to us. Silver was to be found on those days to.

So what are my silver linings for today which could only be described as a less than perfect day...
1. I have my rain gear for my motorcycle which keeps me warm and dry for the bike ride to the train which also gave me exercise and vigor this morning.
2. The rain actually stopped for the 15 minutes while I had to walk from Charles St to Pratt street because the buses still aren't running on Pratt.
3. My colleague will give me a ride to the train station on the way home.

Final silver lining for the day...finding new Christmas patterns for my kindle to review on the ride home.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kings Park Library Branch

New Librarian Love!
Wylie walked shyly up and asked for a DK Pirate Book. This is one of those eyewitness series books that we've loved in the past on Mummies, Egypt, Bugs, Food etc. She not only walked us over to the area where the book could be found but pulled out a super awesome Piratology book with a compass on the front for Wylie to read. She then also asked us if we were familiar with a few other pirate books as Wylie was obviously a big fan.

We also found chapter books for the Time Warp Trio Series! We loved the television series but this is a whole new ball game of fun with the books as they offer detail and imagination the television show cannot add.
We found one more fun book that was such a good book we read it cover to cover in one sitting. It was purely for fun and worth every moment.
"Wiley and Grandpa" (and yes Wylie did point out they spelled his name wrong). Not every day you find a book written about you!

That was our library love this week.