Friday, February 3, 2012

New Books

I Spy Books
Scooby I can Read
Dinosaur Cove

These are the books we love right now. Wylie can read by sounding out the words slowly but surely the I Spy books with a bit of help from Wyatt and I. He spells the word, sounds it out and then works to find the right pronounciation and then gets to find the object. In some of the bigger words we help him, but for the most part he gets the pronounciation right which is a big deal and makes him happy. Lower case u's and n's give him a bit of run for the money in that he reverses them continually. I wonder about that but not too worried.
The Scooby I can Read book has pictures for common objects instead of words and that makes Wylie very excited to be able to "read" part of the story to me and then add in the words that he knows by sight. In the back are the pictures he "read" with the words spelled out underneath. He then spells those words and puts the two together. Kind of cool.

Dinosaur Cove is a new series of chapter books we are enjoying about two boys who become friends while hunting for dinosaur fossils. Lots of adventure and lots of fun.

SPSHDS is just pure alien fun written by our favorite authors of the Time Warp Trio and Math Curse.

Great visit to the library and looking forward to a few weeks of great reading.