Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Warp Trio, Wiley and Grandpa, Neil Gaiman

Wylie and I have been very big users of the library recently. Very big users.
We really like our local library which is the Kings Park Library.
We've been dropped off with the stroller and our book bag by Wyatt in the evening only to use the stroller as our book bag carrier as we were laden down with 25 books and walked home.
We've found a librarian we love there.
We have found out that there are LEGO creations by patrons there.
We have found out that they have a full set of TIME WARP TRIO books and a new series of books...

That last one is really important.
Wylie is really into chapter books. We read two to three chapters at night. So we now get two to three books from the library. We also get our DK/Eyewitness books but it's the chapter books that rock our world.
Wylie was most excited when we read "Summer Reading is Killing Me" as it had reference to so many books but he had actually read and remembered the characters in three of the books. He asked if we could get them again from the library.
We now are building a reading list for him. He's also starting to read again. :)

As for me. I'm back to my 40 for 40 list.
Neil Gaiman "American Gods" Great book. Not science fiction but not quite reality. Not quite drama but not quite anything. It's compelling and makes me look at people outside a bit differently. Loving it.