Monday, April 7, 2014

Wylie recommended books...

An interesting writing prompt from a blog "The Literary Mama"
Write a review of one book you’ve read based on your child’s recommendation or urging. Why does he/she like it? Why were you hesitant to read it? Did your initial impression about it change? Why did he/she really want you to read it?

I've read many a book I wouldn't normally pick up and read or pick up and read to Wylie because he has gravitated toward it. This includes but is not limited to books on hero dogs, star wars characters, pirate school, and dinosaurs at school. There are books he wants to read or wants me to read to him that I would rather chuck in the trash mostly because the story is sappy and icky and rather poorly written. There are also the books he picks that end up being favorites that we sit and read together for over an hour at a time.

I now have less control over the books he picks from the library as his school has a very well stocked library and has two librarians to help the students pick out books. What I really LOVE about this is that the librarians DO NOT BELIEVE in making children pick books at their reading level! This means Wylie is bringing home chapter books he loves, and is bringing home books that he will struggle to read certain words in but still loves the story. What is tough about this policy is that sometimes he brings books home that I would rather not read to him and secretly hope he forgets about quickly.

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